Hourly services

Sunny Words offers a broad array of writing services. Let’s customize to suit your project:

Writing: US$60/hour

  • Ghostwriting: articles, Web copy, blog posts, other nonfiction (may include research, building bottom-up from just an idea, integrating existing notes or drafts with new material, completing unfinished drafts, and/or creating narrative from brief notes or sketches)
  • Update existing articles
  • Rework existing material for a new purpose or audience (e.g., Using existing newsletters, multimedia presentations, and handout material, write a book chapter.)

Editing: US$45/hour

  • Developmental and line editing
  • Document formatting/format editing
  • Online or traditional research and fact-checking
  • Customized consistency review (e.g., Edit a business’s specific in-house standards for titles, terminology, product naming, etc., to ensure conformity.)

Proofreading and Other Writing Support: US$30/hour

  • Spelling, usage, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and typography review
  • In-house style guide creation
  • Proofreading to standard (Chicago or AP, for example) or non-standard (as defined by client) style guidelines