What’s new around here: viewing and “reading”

P1070081I’ve finally done it.

It’s been more than a year since “Mobilegeddon” swept the World Wide Web. I have to admit, it bothered me that a feature that, as a primarily desktop-oriented user, I didn’t find especially valuable myself could be used against me in the eyes of the world’s most prevalent search engine.

But. I can’t feel okay with risking the loss of Google’s blessing. So I’ve finally found the initiative to convert this site to a mobile-responsive theme. Go ahead and have a look around!

So, with a newer, search engine-approved layout in place, what better time to make some additional changes I’ve been considering for almost as long–namely, the content of this blog.

Writing and editing are what I do. That’s why I’ve concentrated Word-wise on the “writing” part of the communication model. The various components of that one mode–writing process, vocabulary, spelling, phrasing, syntax, stylebooks and standards, diction, broad vs. fine editing, etc.–are interesting and ever-changing and fun to explore.

I have no real ambitions about regularly getting the “speaking” and “listening” modes into the mix, but I have and will always enjoy lot of reading. I read the daily local newspaper. I keep up with several dozen professional, hobby, and family blogs. And most of all, I love books. I’m a regular patron of the public library and swap paperbacks with book club and church friends as well as fellow anonymous Little Free Library readers.

If you’re reading a blog called “Word-wise,” I bet a lot of that is true for you, too. And so, I’ve added a new “reading” category to this blog. I’m not going to commit to any definite schedule but will post when I can about this or that book, article, genre, or any topic related to reading.

I have a reading post in the works for later this week, but for today, I just wanted to blow the dust off Word-wise and oil the doorknobs for its readers. I hope the additional topics will be as fun for you as they will for me. I also hope that the new layout makes it easier for you to navigate, read, and comment using any device you like. As I said, I am most likely to use a desktop, so I won’t necessarily be aware of glitches that show up when this site is viewed on a smaller screen. Please do let me know if you see something that needs attention. You can send a message through the post comment form below, or if you prefer email, use the site contact form.


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